Keeping Your Computer’s Immune System Strong

Keeping Your Computer’s Immune System Strong

Computers are a lot like the human body. Both have various functions that make them necessary for people to complete everyday tasks. Both are precious assets and must be treated with care. If we are not kind to our bodies and our computers, in turn they will not be kind to us. Our bodies will get sick; While our computers will get things like spyware or viruses causing them to function significantly less efficiently.

With computers however, the consequences are not as simple as a decline in overall performance. Computers infected with spyware or malware, aside from processing data and commands slower and slower as the infections add up, may have valuable information stolen from them via the spyware or malware. The possibilities are quite scary. It may be something as simple as your facebook password or your internet history (what websites you frequent) or it maybe something as important as your credit card information that you entered into a site like eBay or Paypal. Securing computer information is indeed vital.

Security researchers Trend Micro have recently uncovered a global “cyberespionage” operation which they are calling “Safe.” Safe uses “spear phishing” emails, emails that are cleverly made to look like coming from a friend or a website you frequent but actually contain spyware.The operation has even managed to breach the defenses of computers belonging to government and nongovernment organizations, technology companies, and even academic research institutions. The aforementioned compromised groups span across 100 countries.

Avoiding this is simple. You strengthen your computer’s immune system: Anti-Virus & Patch Management. Patch management protects your computer against known security risks, like malware, viruses, and spyware. It’s the equivalent of putting a bandage on a wound so it doesn’t get infected. And just like caring for your body is a continuous effort, you must keep your anti-virus updated through patch management.

If you value your computer and don’t want it to become inefficient or don’t want your personal information to be stolen, then be sure to practice patch management. It’s not hard or complicated.  Patch management simply requires a continuous minimal effort to update your computer every month.

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