Computer/Server Monitoring: Preventing Issues by Monitoring System Events

Computer/Server Monitoring: Preventing Issues by Monitoring System Events

Monitoring computer, server, and network systems is a very crucial aspect of business continuity. Despite not being directly involved in the generation of income, it is actually as important as any other existing protocols in a company. This is because businesses that rely on their computers often loose a great deal of revenue when those systems go offline. The unexpected downtime of one or many computers at any given time can mean loss of income. This is especially problematic if the issue is not fixed as soon as possible. Proactive system monitoring is one way to ensure that all devices, computers and servers are constantly monitored, preventing downtime and losses for the company.

What is a Proactive Server Monitoring?

Proactive server monitoring is a process that involves the continuous monitoring of a computer’s activities. Monitoring systems are often recommended for companies with computers to help identify issues before they occur, significantly reducing the chances of downtime. This process, once configured, is completely automated, streamlining monitoring time and reducing the chances of human error.

Types of Monitoring Services

IT companies that offer proactive system monitoring usually have multiple methods for accomplishing this task. Some of these include 24/7 System Monitoring via network scan or the installation of an agent, Patch Management to ensure the Operating System is up to date and System Log Review to look for hardware/software issues and potential malcious activity. Monitoring services can also be tailored for all types of data management systems, including SQL servers, email servers, web servers and others.

A 24/7 Monitoring System ensures that the performance and efficiency of all devices and servers are in good shape at all times. Potential failures are also instantly recognized, helping prevent them before they occur. Computers automatically install updates and patches of certain installed software and programs. Patch Management ensures that all operating system and antivirus updates are recorded, and that computers that haven’t received an upgrade are updated. Patch Management also ensures that only certain types of patches are accessed by the computers, preventing the installation of problematic patches. Computer records are also maintained and recorded through System Log Review. This service is important to monitor the security of the computers and the network. Through System Log Review, issues can be traced back to their origin, helping quell compromises to the network’s security.

Proactive System Monitoring covers all types of issues with certainty.

Prevent Issues through PC Monitoring

With System Monitoring, an organization or business can prevent thousands of dollars in losses resulting from unexpected downtime. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so the saying goes. Implementing Proactive System monitoring only takes up a little effort from the company, but this is an investment that can lead to huge benefits in the long run. Through Computer Monitoring services, businesses are protected from some of the most serious IT problems that can occur.

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