Data Security

Data can often be one of the most important parts of your Business. Whether Customer Records, Inter Office Memos,  Trade Secrets, or more, losing your data, or allowing the wrong people to access it, could mean disaster for your business.

Our Managed IT Services cover Data Backup and Recovery Services as well as Destruction services when Hard Drives need to be wiped.

Data Recovery

In the event of a hardware failure or system crash that prevents you from accessing your data…stop…turn off the computer and contact someone immediately.

Anything you do to a crashed system reduces the chance that we (or anyone else) can recover your lost data. Data recovery is not a cheap option but in many cases it beats not having the data at all. Again, we suggest looking into a continuous backup solution in order to protect your business.

If your business would shut down, or lose valuable productivity due to data loss, you may need our Disaster Recovery Services to keep you up and running even in the face of disaster.

Data Destruction

As you may know, Computers have a long memory, and often just hitting delete on a file, does not completely remove it from your computer.

When it’s time to retire your computer (whether you give it away or sell it), we can ensure that all your data is wiped clean from the hard drives to DoD specifications., ensuring your data is safe.