Disaster Recovery

You don’t care about your backups.  Seriously.  You don’t.  What you really care about is the ability to get back to work after something goes wrong.  Getting good backups on a regular basis is important, but being able to recover that accidentally deleted file or get your server up and running quickly are the main concerns.  Getting good backups are only one aspect of a proper Business Continuity plan.

In most cases, issues come from accidentally deleted files or a hardware failure and can be fixed fairly quickly once found. In situations where critical computer parts are damaged, it could take days to get replacement hardware.  How long can you go without your server?  How much does it cost you per hour or per day if a key employee workstation is down or your primary server is offline?

Part of protecting your company is ensuring you have an effective Backup/Restore solution and a Disaster Recovery plan.  Ensuring that you are able to keep doing business is critical to keeping your business alive.  Business Continuity is the next step, it is here that we implement solutions that can keep your business running in case of system or environmental failure.

Having redundant local and remote copies of your data, that are easy to access, will save you both time and money, as well as reduce stress when the need arises.

The Importance of Backing Up Data

The importance of backing up your data cannot be overstated. There is so much vital data for your business that is stored electronically, things like contracts, payroll, accounting and general documentation. With hackers, viruses, localized disasters, as well as, software or hardware failures, not protecting your data with proper backups can be devastating. Carrying out these functions will prevent, in most cases, the complete loss of all the important information that is stored on your hard drive.

In addition, through backing up your data, you will protect your business from the effects of virus infection, untimely power outages, system failures, theft and any other problems related to not being able to access your computers or servers in a timely fashion.

The Importance of Being Able to Restore Data Quickly

Any business owner, who depends on important data stored on their computer, would want to be operational as soon as possible, which is why they need to restore their data quickly.

  • RTO – Recovery Time Objective:  How long before things are working again?
    You can have a virtualized copy of your server active on your network within minutes.  Alternately, you may not care if you server or important workstation is off-line for a day or two.
  • RPO – Recovery Point Objective:  How recent is your usable recovery data?
         Based on your backup routine, you can restore your system or files to within the last few minutes or hours.  It depends on when was that information last backed up.

Basically, the shorter the RTO and more recent the RPO, the more your Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity plan with cost.  It’s like insurance, the better it is the more expensive it will be.
Of course, also like insurance, folks want to pay for the cheapest solution each month…but when needed, they wish they had the deluxe plan.

The Cost of Computer Downtime

Computer downtime could cut deep into your company’s budget, and in more ways than one. So it’s very important to keep any computer hardware in pristine working condition through utilizing professional IT specialists. This will ensure that any bugs, system failures, or any other malfunctions that causes computer problems do not cut into your bottom line.

The cost of computer downtime has an effect on the following:

  • Cost of server downtime – Companies experiencing server downtime will face all kinds of losses. When your employees are not able to access the server they cannot get their work done. When customers cannot access your server, not only can they not provide you with more business, they will become frustrated and perhaps lose faith in you.
  • Cost of user computer downtime – Employee downtime as well as time spent in chasing down warranty replacement parts can run into the thousands of dollars very quickly and be a major expense that company owners can ill afford.

How to Start Protecting Your Business

  • Frequent and reliable backups of all of your data, with multiple backups of your most important data.
  • Test your backups on a regular basis to ensure that they will work.
  • Scan your computer on a regular basis for any problems, and correct them as soon as you find them.
  • Have a Disaster Recovery plan in the event something happens and you need to restore your systems.

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