Mobile Computing

In today’s Digital Age, you need to be able to stay in touch with their clients at any moment, whether you are in the office, or traveling overseas.

With advances in smart phone technology, we are now able to surf the Internet, check our emails, send documents, and more, all directly from our phones.

However, getting these services set up on our phones can often be frustrating and difficult when it comes to business emails and other company software.

Our Mobile computing services help bridge the gap between the convenience you find with your own personal smartphone and tablet technology, and the systems you need for your business.  We can help you setup mobile device policy management to ensure the right email server is setup across all devices, track lost phones, or remotely wipe the data on a lost/stolen phone.

With mobile computing you can:

  • View your Microsoft Office documents from anywhere in the world
  • Sync your email across several devices simultaneously
  • Access your information via Cloud wherever you have Internet access

This helps you to:

  • Remain in touch with clients at all times
  • Access information at a single touch
  • Share information electronically with co-workers and customers
  • Keep track of sales and orders

We take the hassle out of setting this all up yourself, and continue to keep you informed as new Mobile Technology comes out allowing you even more functionality, and helping you to increase productivity for yourself, as well as everyone else inside your company.

Our Services are fast and easy, so that we can have you up and running in no time, to continue doing your job, wherever and whenever you are needed.