Monitoring is an important part of your business; it helps to ensure your business is running at all times. With our 24/7 Monitoring Services, we ensure that interruptions to your vital business operations are prevented. This includes your computers, servers and network operations.

Most problems that occur in a PC or server display warning signs before becoming critical. When we check the event logs of any unmonitored PC or server we often find more than a couple of problems that require attention.

System log review

  • Some log files are simply not needed by most folks and can simply be removed. But often there is a reason for their existence and reviewing them for abnormal behavior or unusual activity can shed light on potential hacking attempts, unauthorized access, hardware or software issues, or other undesired issues before they become a critical situation.

We catch and address potential issues such as:

Limited drive space

  • A computer needs some free space on it’s system drive in order to function correctly. Without enough free space, the system will crash. On data drives, you need enough space to store all your vital company information. both are things that can be resolved in advance to prevent and unpleasant situation.

Server outages

  • A server outage occurs when a server ceases to run which can cause problems such as component failure on server machines, data flow errors and failure resulting from faulty routers, switches and hubs. This server outage and the problems caused by it can be simplified and eliminated with the availability of proper data about server and network performance. A server outage may be avoided completely through careful monitoring of key performance metrics.​​

Memory utilization

  • We monitor all the vital signs (metrics) related to database health and performance. The workload running against the database is analyzed and automatically identifies any issues that need your attention as an administrator and the identified issues are presented as alerts and performance findings.

Unavailable services

  • Your server provides a service, whether it be a website, an FTP site, a SQL database or shared folders, etc. We are able to monitor you server(s) to ensure that those services are operational. In the event that they are not, we are able to immediately take restorative action to minimize your downtime. Downtime costs money and devalues your reputation, our job is to prevent that.

Unmonitored Backup Systems

  • Every once in a while a backup may fail for an unknown reason, however having more than an acceptable amount of failed backups, can often point to a larger issue, that left unchecked could cause serious trouble for your organization.
  • If a backup fails when disaster strikes, you may lose most, if not all of your data. How would that affect your business?

Antivirus System Out of Date

  • If your antivirus system has not been updated recently, your computer may be at risk from a new form of virus.

Hard Drive Failure

  • You may already be losing valuable data, however if gone unchecked, this could spiral into a crisis situation for your computer or server that could lead to irrecoverable losses for your business.

Costs of Downtime

Imagine your business systems crashing, your employees unable to work and your customers unable to contact you. This costs you valuable time and money – both in the areas of service and customer satisfaction. Our monitoring services help avoid a significant outage that would affect your business. Keep your employees and your customers happy by ensuring the services they rely on are always available.

In the event of an Emergency, our Disaster Recovery Services can keep your business up and running instead of allowing downed computers and servers to decrease your productivity and affect your business.

Many businesses find that monitoring the backend of your operations can be costly and time consuming, but we specialize in relieving you of that burden. Our solutions are cost-effective and our techs are the best in the industry.

Find out how we can simplify your business operations today and provide the best monitoring systems. Your business is worth it.